Day: September 30, 2011

Health Activist Insight Panel: COPD & Asthma

As part of our ongoing mission to empower Health Activists, WEGO Health is holding a series of exclusive Insight Panels for active members of the online COPD & Asthma communities. These Insight Panels will be held virtually – on the phone and over the internet – meaning participants can join from anywhere in the country.  You will join a number of other Health Activists to discuss important COPD & Asthma topics and review programs that are important to your community.  In addition, each participant will receive a $25 Gift Card for their participation.

Interested?  Here’s how to tell if you’re a good fit for these panels:

  • You regularly discuss COPD or Asthma-related information on your own blog, in an online forum, or in an online community
  • You’re interested in hearing the latest news for COPD & Asthma patients
  • You love sharing your opinion on programs and news

To sign up for these panels, all you need to do is take a quick survey here:

COPD & Asthma Insight Panels

We hope you’ll sign up and share this opportunity with others in your community.  Just pass along this link for others to sign up:!


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