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As you know, WEGO Health recently launched – a video platform that allows Health Activists to share their stories, advice, and insights with their online community through video. We’re excited about all of the great videos and channels we’ve already launched on the new site, but we’re also eager to make this the best resource it can possible be for the online health community and we need your help.


We hope you’ll take a moment to check out our Joint Pain Channel and give us your review. To thank you for taking and sharing our survey, we’ll enter you and everyone you share the survey with into a drawing to win $250. This reward can be used for yourself or toward a donation to the health charity of your choosing.


You can enter up to 3 times – here’s how to get started:


Take our Joint Pain Survey

Tell us a few things about yourself and give us your honest feedback on the channel. Tell us how to make it even better for you and your community.

Share our survey on your blog

We’ve pulled together a quick blog post that you can use (or tweak) to share our survey with your readers – we want their feedback too.

Share our survey with your Facebook Group /Friends

We’ve heard that Health Activists love to connect with patients and other Health Activists on Facebook so we hope you’ll ask for their thoughts as well.


The more people who share their feedback, the better we can make this resource for the community so we appreciate your help in sharing our quick survey. We’ll be collecting feedback through the end of September (September 30th) and will choose our winner in early October. For more details about the contest and contest rules, please visit our Joint Pain Feedback Contest Page.

We look forward to hearing what you think!



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