New Webinar! Health Activist How To: Video

We’re really excited about our new channel and how it’s shared the mission of Health Activists in a new, interactive way. There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite blogger share their thoughts in action. Video is a huge component of the online world and growing daily in how it is being integrated into health communities!

This month we are hosting a live webinar that’s all about video. How to take your message from the written word – that so many Health Activists absolutely excel at – to the challenging, but also fun and influential video format!

Join us live, Thursday, July 21st at 3pm EST. We’re going to show you how to make great interview-style videos and vlogs in this live webinar event. Because this is such an important topic, we’ll be hosting in a brand new way: doing a live video webinar through Ustream. So you’ll be able to watch and tweet along with our presenters, myself and Editorial and TV Intern Colin deMatteis and ask your questions in real time, on video!

A few topics we’ll chat about include:

·         Scripts: Do’s and Don’ts of writing before recording.

·         Lights, Camera, Action: preparing for your video.

·         Red Button’s on: Recording tips

·         Edit that! How to take your videos and make ‘em better

·         Practice makes perfect: how to improve.

·         Q&A section! – What has held you back from taking the dive into video? We’ll try to help you work through those challenges and share some ideas for starting to record yourself and your Health Activism.

Want to watch and tweet along? It’s going to be an exciting, experimental webinar for everyone – and hopefully we’ll have a lot of fun. Share topics and questions you’d like us to address and sign up to attend here:

RSVP for Health Activist How To: Video

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