First Friday: July Post Prompts

We’re focusing on empowerment this month and what it means to support yourself as a person and as a leader. In supporting yourself and grounding yourself, you will lead your community by example. In line with our theme, our post prompts will center around standing up for yourself and modeling empowerment for others. It is my hope that these prompts will inspire you and, by utilizing them, remind you how great you are and how important you Health Activist work is.

So, if you’re searching for something to write about, post about, or just think about this month – here are some prompts for you. Just come back here, borrow one, and customize if you’d like.


  1. Think back to a time you felt truly connected, present, and secure in yourself. Where are you? What are your surroundings? How did you get here? Why do you feel this way? And, if you’d like to bring it back to the present – how can you bring yourself that feeling again?

  2. Stigma plays a huge role in misunderstanding health conditions and can threaten our own well-being and make our missions as Health Activists harder. What stigma is at the top of your list to correct? What would you tell a community member who asked your advice on addressing this stigma in their own life?

  3. It’s easy to compliment others, but harder to compliment yourself. Write down three qualities you have that makes you feel unique, special, and strong.

  4. For some reason, we find ourselves apologizing for expressing ourselves sometimes. When was the last time you said “I’m sorry” for something that you didn’t need to be sorry for? Part of being empowered means having conviction and being ready to stand by your beliefs. Share 5 things that you will not apologize for and reaffirm your commitment to them.

  5. Elaborate upon this month’s FTT – write about what it means to be “empowered” and how you define not only the word but the spirit it evokes. “To me, empowered means ___”


As always – if you get inspired and bring one of these prompts to your community, share a link so we can see where you went with it and help share your work!



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