Finish This Tweet: July

For this month’s Finish This Tweet (FTT) let’s get to the heart of a word that means so many things to so many different people – but is absolutely integral to our Health Activist community and e-patients everywhere.


Empower, the verb. Empowered, the adjective. Empowerment, the noun. We say all iterations of the word often in our online interaction, especially when referring to our missions within our communities. The word makes its way into WEGO Health’s mission as well as we aim to “empower Health Activists to help others.” But let’s get back to basics and share what exactly the connotations of the word and how we use it are.

For this month’s FTT, tell us on Twitter (or as a Facebook status):

To me, empowered means: _____

As always, be sure to tweet @wegohealth or use the hashtag #FTTJuly so we can see what you think! I’m looking forward to helping define this buzz word better by hearing from all of you!


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  1. I tweeted my #FTTJuly Tweet this month! Will be sure to mention it via twitter!

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