On Air: WEGO Health Launches Health Activist Video Site WEGOHealth.tv

All of us at WEGO Health are excited to announce our latest communication platform: WEGOHealth.tv.


This beta version of our brand new video site will host channels and videos that highlight the Health Activist voice – giving sight, sound and motion to our mission of empowering Health Activists to help others. . From the amazing community leaders who made this beta launch possible to the hundreds and thousands of Health Activists who we will bring to the screen going forward, WEGOHealth.tv will amplify the power of the informed, engaged health consumer.

On WEGOHealth.tv we present authentic health conversations and broadcast the passion that you have for your online health communities. WEGOHealth.tv is the right next step in our effort to empower Health Activists – offering professional video production, editing, and promotion to take the power of your communities’ real-life experience to a far greater audience.


Our goal with WEGOHealth.tv is to unleash the power of video to help Health Activists inspire their communities to take ownership of their health. Like you, we believe that empowered, informed consumers can change healthcare for the better. That’s why every video on WEGOHealth.tv features Health Activists tackling real issues from their communities: overcoming health obstacles, making discoveries about health and wellness, collaborating with health professionals, and becoming active participants in their health.


We encourage you to join in our excitement for this incredible project and hope you will share WEGOHealth.tv with your health communities and tell us what you think:


visit WEGOHealth.tv today


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