Empowering Your Community and Yourself

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For the month of July we’re going to focus on the emotional aspects of being a Health Activist and the strength, positivity, and tough stuff that comes with being an empowered patient, leader, and, well, person. The recipe for and definition of success isn’t the same for everyone, but by comparing notes – we can find key ways to improve and reinforce our commitment to advocacy and ourselves.


This month on the blog, we’ll discuss how to stand up for yourself as a patient or caregiver and how to translate that into standing up for your community. We’ll look into ways that people have rallied for their condition and gotten attention for their causes. We’ll see how people have combated stigma and share tips for starting conversations about stigma. In looking at our emotional empowerment, we’ll see how to utilize each of our online social networks to best take advantage of the resources and community there, while sharing how mindfulness and how disconnecting and getting “off the grid” can be managed and beneficial to your Health Activist well-being. As summer dances itself into full swing, we will see how making the most of opportunities to excel and grabbing precious vacation time are both important parts of being Health Activists. It’s not always easy to feel we’re in the right place with ourselves and our missions, but let’s take this month to emotionally check-in and be good to ourselves.


Now, these are probably topics you’ve discussed before and, if so – we hope you’ll share your ideas and posts with us so we can highlight what does and doesn’t work in the challenging world that is Health Activism. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you and helping to collect great tips and tricks for emotional health and self-empowerment – two things that are easy to put on the back-burner when we focus so much on others. Let’s take the time this month to share how we stay real and committed when it’s not easy and make sure we’re keeping self-empowerment as part of our Health Activist equations.



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