What Do You Wish Technology Could Give You?

What will toy doctor kits of the future look like?

The health technology world seems to grow leaps and bounds by the day but – our ever-evolving imaginations grow along with it. “That’s nice,” we tell our smart phones, laptops, and other devices, “but I want my technology to do even more.” Or, at least for this prompt we will say that.

If a new technological advance could give you anything – what would it be?

Invent a new piece of health technology that manages, treats, alters, or just improves an aspect of your health (or lifestyle) and be as creative as you can. How will this technology influence your community or the greater world overall? If you have some mechanical know-how – attempt to construct the technology using ideas you already have and implement your wishes for improvement. What do you call this piece of technology?

Bring this prompt over to Twitter and tell us:

What do you wish technology could give you?

What piece of technology would you invent (use the #FTTJune Hashtag), pop over to Facebook and leave a little status there, or write up a quick blog post or discussion in your community to get everyone to put on their inventor’s hats.

Need inspiration? Check out this amazing TED talk all about the newest medical technology that’s on the horizon (it’s seriously incredible) and you may realize that your dream app, device, or technology is already on its way to becoming real…

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