Finish This Tweet May: Your favorite health apps/devices!

Last month our Finish This Tweet was a precursor to Health Technology Month where we got you thinking ahead about the apps and devices that relate to your health and make you happy.

We asked:


“My favorite health-related app (or device) is…”

Let’s see what some of you said…


My favorite health app is @Medscape Mobile for Android from @WebMD. Download it on the market at: @wegohealth#FTTMay


My favorite health app or device is Healthseeker #FTTMay @wegohealth @healthseekerfb


My favorite health app (or device) is RxMindme. That way I never forget to take my meds.


My favorite health app is MapMyWALK for iPhone:


My favorite health-related app is…a tie between @ubiqi and @glucosebuddy.


my fav healthcare app is dropbox—I write all my ppt to pdf’s, save to dropbox, use for education in clinic. Rocks!


My favorite health-related app is @logfrog ! It makes managing my diabetes simple, quick and even fun!


“My fav health app/device: #blackberry calendar to help keep track of when i’ve taken certain meds. keeps me organized!”

Did you tweet @ us with your favorite health app or device? Why not do it this month and write up a quick post or discussion as to why you love that device and send it our way – we’d love to feature your review this month!


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