First Friday: June Post Prompts

If you’re looking for some ideas on what to post about at any time this month – check here for a prompt to get your brain gears turning! Here are some ideas for you on our June theme of Health Technology. Feel free to tweak however you’d like:


  1. Health technology isn’t limited to medical devices; right now, iPads are being used by doctors and nurses … and patients alike for health information. Are you using one of the latest and greatest tech devices for your health?
  2. If you had the opportunity to design something tech-fabulous for your health condition, what would you create and what would it do? (Bonus points if you bust out Microsoft Paint and provide a picture of your dream machine!)
  3. Think about the ways that you connect with your community – Facebook, blogs, Twitter, meet ups in real life. What is missing from the health outreach methods you’re using? What would be the best bit of health technology to help you broaden your reach as a Health Activist?
  4. Do you think health technology is useful, or is it just another Internet buzzword? Do you think people are really using their smartphones for health? Are YOU? Talk about it!!
  5. Poetry time again? Don’t mind if I do! Time to break out your quill pen and write an Ode to An App. What’s your favorite health-related application, and do you dare to sing its praises in prose?

And check back every “First Friday” for five more prompts for you to consider, and customize. Bring them back to your communities and start a discussion, blog, or vlog about it. If one of the prompts sparks something awesome – check back in and leave a link – we’d love to see which direction you took it and give you some linky love in return!


4 thoughts on “First Friday: June Post Prompts

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