Health Technology!

Tech Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself

This month we will be learning all about Health Technology together. Health tech that you already use, love, and recommend – as well as some new health tech that you’ve heard of, invented in your dreams, or want to try. The important part of our focus is how these technologies will influence your health community in a positive (and futuristic) way.

Whether you’re a smart phone user, proud owner of a shiny tablet, utilize a device for managing your condition, or are just interested in the way healthcare is going to evolve through technology – there will be a lot to see and share this month. Everything from the fitness, nutrition, and wellness aspects of health tech to adherence, device usage, and condition management. What technology excites you the most right now? What health apps or games are your favorites? Have healthcare professionals started using technology in your care?

We’ll be discussing everything from mobile to video and lots of technology in between. Because the term “health technology” is wide-reaching and rather undefined – we have the opportunity to go in lots of different directions and bring in a range of topics to our conversation.

Will the future be this cute?

Stay tuned for editorial features this month and, if you haven’t yet, check out our Health Technology Group over in the WEGO Health Community to join in a conversation or start your own. I can’t wait to learn more about “the future” with you and help you talk about health tech in your communities!


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