Exclusive Webinar: Cancer & Your Bones!

Over at WEGO Health – an online community for Health Activists – we’ve put together an exclusive, Health Activist-only webinar presentation for folks who are active within the online cancer community.

Based directly on Health Activist feedback, we’ve created this webinar (as well as a larger resource center!) with you in mind.  Our “Cancer & Your Bones” webinar focuses on the importance of identifying and treating bone metastases, specifically around cancer, and features insight from some of the country’s leading cancer physicians, Dr. Adam Brufsky and Dr. James McKiernan, and Alicia Staley and Joel Nowak, breast and prostate cancer Health Activists.  This webinar is free and on-demand and made possible by one of WEGO Health’s sponsors.

This webinar will help you gain:

  • Valuable insight to help you make informed decisions
  • In-depth information on identifying and treating bone metastases
  • Access to exclusive resources built specifically for the cancer community

Access the “Cancer & Your Bones” Webinar and Resource Center

To view the webinar and resource center, please click on the link below:


After we’ve received 20 views of this webinar, we’ll be making a donation to the cancer charity of your choice.  Be sure to take our brief feedback survey to let us know where you’d like your donation to go!!

This webinar is available exclusively to Health Activists:  individuals like yourself who are actively participating in the cancer community online. If you know other Health Activists who might be interested, please invite them to visit sponsor.wegohealth.com/cancer-and-yourbones. We’ve included a few easy ways to share the webinar with other members of your community!

We hope you’ll participate in this unique webinar and let us know what you think!


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