WEGO Health Loves: Twitter Chats!

This will come as no surprise but we love Twitter Chats! And, as you probably know, our Health Activist community loves Twitter Chats too! Whether you call it a “tweet chat” or a “Twitter Chat” and whether you lurk, participate, or moderate – you’re hooked and we love that. As we learned from #DSMA creator Health Activist Cherise this past Monday, there is really no supplement for Twitter: it’s in real time, wide-reaching, mobile, and you can choose your engagement level.

Using a hashtag is a great way to group your community members’ thoughts together and, by organizing a collective time to use the hashtag – in a Chat , it makes for an invaluable experience. Personally, I’ve never seen an hour pass so quickly as it does when you’re participating in a Twitter Chat. It’s easy to be pulled-in, completely immersed, and fully engaged by everyone’s thoughts streaming in and onto your screen. The chats serve as a great way to meet new people, hear new thoughts you hadn’t considered before, and plan some great topics to discuss in your blog or other communities!

Have you started your own chat? Do you participate in one or more chats? We’d really like to collect all of the health-related chats (and #hashtags) in one place and create a directory. That way we can encourage our community to participate (and lurk) across conditions and see how other communities are taking the Twitosphere by storm! There are so many chats going on – it can be difficult to keep track. So hopefully this directory will be a great way to see all the options out there (and promote new chats as they spring up!)

Tell us about all the health chats and hashtags you know of, and we will send you the directory when it’s completed! We can’t wait to see how many new chats there are and help promote the great work you and your communities are doing!

Share your chats here!

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