Health Activist Panel: Joint Pain and Joint Replacement

In our ongoing efforts to empower Health Activists, we’ll be holding a live panel for active members of the online health community who have experience with Joint Pain and/or Joint Replacement. We’re hoping to bring together folks from a variety of condition areas to talk all about Joint Pain and Joint Replacement topics – so no matter what your focus is, your unique perspective will deepen the conversation!. We’d especially like your thoughts on the kinds of questions that need to be answered within your community.  Additionally, we’re in the process of creating an online resource of videos and information for community members interested in Joint Pain and Joint Replacement and would love your help in reviewing and strengthening that resource!

A few things to know about our session:

–       The panel will be virtual so members can join from anywhere in the country as long as they can be on the phone and online at the same time.

–       The session will last one hour at most.

–       Participants will get the chance to have a candid conversation about the needs of their online community and to connect with others who share their interests.

–       All participants will receive $25 for their participation

Do you live with Joint Pain as a result of your health conditions or care for someone who does?  Have you had Joint Replacement Surgery or have experience who someone who has?

Join us for this Health Activist Panel: Joint Pain and Joint Replacement Panel


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