What’s The Community Saying?

We’re into the second week of May and lots of great discussions, blog posts, and shared-knowledge has been happening in the community. To help you check out some of the best recent conversations we’ve got our community thought bubbles. It’s important that we, as Health Activists, share in the efforts of each other and learn a bit about other conditions and health communities so we can continue to improve! Click a bubble and join the conversation:

What’s the Community Saying 5.11.11

Don’t miss the variety of awesome conversations:

“May is melanoma/skin cancer detection and awareness month” –- phylor

“Does your doctor prescribe apps?” –Marie

“Here are 10 quick and easy things to keep you blogging!” –Janeen

“Autoimmune Bling!” –Julia

“Where do you find free graphic art?” –FeliciaFibro

“Can we really test our blood for Schizophrenia and Depression?” –Mandy

“Is suicide preventable?” –Jamie

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