HAWMC Superlatives

Everyone’s favorite (and sometimes most awkward) yearbook feature has made its way to the WEGO Health Blog! After a year of spending time with your class, it was interesting to see how the titles were divvied and we decided to commemorate the end of HAWMC in the same fashion! Lovely WEGO Health Intern Emily K compiled our very own Superlatives for HAWMC! Consider this the HAWMC Hall of Fame – let’s see who has been inducted and what superlative they are taking home…


So I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out these wonderful posts and the amazing Health Activist HAWMCers that wrote them – their passion keeps me going and will inspire you too!

2 thoughts on “HAWMC Superlatives

  1. Congrats everyone. I was determined to make it through the entire month… hopeful thinking. I’m impressed at everyone who managed to do all 30 days.n

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