Top HAWMC Contributors!

Congrats to everyone who participated in our Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge! Lots of people joined us for a prompt or two and some really went the extra mile to contribute tirelessly to their blogs, keeping up with our prompts and proving their dedication to the art of blogging!

Let’s meet these HAWMC Top Contributors and see an epic post I’ve hand-picked from each shall we?







Julia is a Sjogren’s Syndrome Health Activist and blogs over at Reasonably Well!

Julia wrote a handful of pretty amazing narrative posts inspired by HAWMC prompts – but you should definitely check out her Day 22 post “Take This And Don’t Call Me In The Morning.”



Melissa is a Diabetes Health Activist blogging at Sweetly Voiced and tweeting @sweetlyvoiced!

Melissa wrote a rhyme-tastic [there’s a new word for us!] poem for our Dr. Seuss Day that you must read called “Oh, the Places You’re Low.”



Jess is a Diabetes Health Activist over at Me and D and tweeting @jessofmeandd!

Jess was inspired by our 13th challenge and wrote a beautiful post prompted by the sentence she found in a book, “And I turned around” check out how she turned that into a whole blog post.



Joanna  Chronic Headache (NDPH) Activist blogging about her experiences at Her Life, In a Nutshell and tweeting @joannab!

On Health Activist Choice Day 2, Joanna borrowed a prompt from February’s First Friday Prompts (bonus points from me for that, Joanna!)  and write about “How do you manage your own personal health and the “health” of your relationship?” Check out her post here!



Diana is a Migraine and Chronic Pain Activist blogging over at Somebody Heal Me and tweeting @somebodyhealme!

Check out Diana’s Spirit Animal – the unique Armadillo – and how that relates well to her experience living with migraine disease.



Crystal is a Diabetes Health Activist who blogs over at Randomly CapitalizeD and tweets @CALpumper!

I like how Crystal wrote about her writing room and shared the colorful items she has on her desk in her HAWMC Day 20 post here!



Rachel is a Diabetes Activist who blogs over at Tales of Rachel and tweets at @tailsofrachel!

Be sure to check out Rachel’s HAWMC Day 27 post when she tackles an infamous Eleanor Roosevelt quote and how, over time, it became a really great reminder of how she has overcome negativity.


Nessie is a Chronic Disease Activist writing about psoriatic arthritis blogging over at Lipstick, Perfume and Too Many Pills and she tweets @nessiehasPSA!

I learned a lot from Nessie’s post on Misconception Day. Check out “Truth or Dare” and see what you learn about autoimmune arthritis or psoriasis.



Jamie is a Migraine Health Activist blogging at Chronic Migraine Warrior!

How great is Jamie’s portmanteau from Gobbledygook Day, “Chrain” – short for, of course, “chronic pain.” Check out her whole post here.



And of all these top contributors we selected a winner of our HAWMC Amazon Gift Card! Congratulations to Ashley! (Stay tuned for an exclusive blog feature with her later this week)

Ashley is a Diabetes Health Activist blogging at Tales of SWAGing and tweeting @dream4muse!

Ashley wrote a great post on our Choice Day that doubled as a DSMA Blog Carnival Post. See how other relationships inspired her to take care of herself in her post “Relations**t.”


And now that you’ve seen our Top HAWMC Contributors (and hopefully read their work and added them to your Folks To Follow list) why not congratulate yourself by adding this banner to your blog for joining HAWMC. You can link your April 2011 posts to it and show off the awesome writing you did last month!

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  1. Congrats to all who took on the challenge last month. Big congrats to Ashley, she’s pretty awesome.

  2. You guys are all so fantabulous!! I’m still working on some of them I’ve missed, but I do hope to finish most of them eventually. Great job to all!!!!!

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