Ok HAWMCers, One More Prompt

Though our Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge has officially ended because of the beginning of the beautiful new month of May, I’ve got one more prompt for you to consider! Look back upon April and write about your HAWMC experience en masse. Now, don’t worry – you don’t have to write this post today or even tomorrow – but I think it would be a good way to put the proverbial bow on the whole HAWMC endeavor.

Whether you did every daily challenge or cherry-picked a few favorite prompts – your blogger-abilities were put to the test and, more importantly, put on display! I had the opportunity to “meet” new bloggers with individual blog-voices and enjoy the unique stories you all tell. I know your passionate blogsploration will only continue to grow from here and, I hope you had a lot of fun trying to write a little differently than you might normally.

Some of you affirmed your distaste for writing poetry (but I’m so glad you went there anyway!) and others eagerly took advantage of a time given to rhyme.

What’s awesome? You have a whole archive in your blog of your April 2011! Now you can revisit these posts for ideas when you might feel writer’s block or Blogger Burnout – and you also have proof that, hey, you’re great at what you do! (If you haven’t yet, make sure to go back and tag all of your HAWMC posts so you can find them again (or link to them) in your blog.)

When you feel ready to recap your HAWMC experience, I hope you’ll share it with us here. We’d love to see what you really connected with and what part of the challenge was, well, a challenge. We’re planning to do this sort of activity again (perhaps late in 2011) so your feedback is a) super-important to me and b) can be implemented to make the next blog challenge even better! A few things to consider: What was it like to write creatively about your condition? What did you learn about writing and blogging through HAWMC? Which prompt really inspired with you? Which prompt(s) were your least favorite? What do you wish you’d had the chance to write about? Whose post(s) did you love? How can we get even more bloggers involved next time?

In fact, if you have a minute – I made a quick survey with a couple of these questions and would love your thoughts! You can take it here and share as much or as little as you like about your HAWMC experience.

As I mentioned in our 30th prompt post – stay tuned because we’ve got a lot of HAWMC to recap here on the blog and over in the WEGO Health Community – so even if your resting your writing-brain, come back and check out what we loved most.

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