HAWMC Day 30

It’s the last day of April! We finished the Health Activist Writer’s Challenge! Congrats to everyone who made it through and anyone who joined us for a prompt or two.

And though the challenge itself ends today, be sure to stay tuned for the first week of May because, though we’ve got a new theme for May (and lots of posts to go with it) – we’ve got a whole lot of HAWMC to recap, a winner to select and announce, and discussions to continue here on the blog. It’s going to be great.

But without further ado, here’s our 30th prompt of April…

Gobbledygook Day. In health communities there is a certain lexicon that only those on “the inside” can understand. Whether it’s a hashtag, an abbreviation, or something related to maintaining your health – making up words or being creative with words we use often is a good way to build community and it’s also just fun to have an inside joke that you share with others you connect with.

So today, for our last prompt, make up a new word to use. Your new word can be a combination of two words (portmanteau) or complete non-sense or gobbledygook.

What is the new word? How do you pronounce it? What does it mean? Be sure to use it in a sentence.

Will you use this word beyond today’s HAWMC post?


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