HAWMC Day 28

“I used to be ____ but I’m not any more.” This is a prompt I am borrowing from an exercise I did once in a writing workshop. The idea is: you start every paragraph of your short story (or your poem) with the sentence “I used to be…” and end each with “but I’m not any more.” Believe it or not – this sentence makes for a really emotional piece of writing.

Whether you want to write a poem or a more traditional blog post format today, go with your instincts. As Health Activists, you’ve taken a unique, empowering, and challenging journey from patient to advocate, then to now. From observer to presenter. Or just from past-you to current-you. And you’re going to continue to evolve into future-you. That’s something we all have in common.

So think back to when you got started – what were you like back then? How have you changed? Whether you were carefree or fearful, naive or hopeful – that’s an important stage in your health blogger story. Your achievements – no matter how “small” or gradual – are important to gauge, not only for your own affirmation of bloggerdom, but also as an example to your community or anyone in your life who looks up to you. You can write about your Health Activist journey or about “growing up” in general. You’ve inevitably progressed, think about how today.

You can think of today’s post as a list of “I used to be ___[fill in the blank] but I’m not any more” sentences (that would make an Anaphora poem) or you can use the sentence as a paragraph-starter.

How did writing this post feel?

9 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 28

  1. For me, this ended up being the easiest poem promptnnhttp://talesofswaging.blogspot.com/2011/04/hawmc-day-28-i-used-to-be.html

  2. This was another tough one for me. Hard to believe there are only 2 prompts left to challenge.nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/i-used-to-be-but-im-not-any

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I am very sick tonight. I’ll catch up tomorrow.

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