HAWMC Day 27

Quote prompt! Today use a quote to set you off and writing. Pick a quote that inspires you positively or charges you negatively.

This is a good idea to come back to if you’re ever feeling a bit of Blogger Burnout or just want to give your blogging-engine a jump-start. Grabbing a quote from a famous speech, a fellow blogger, a news article, a poem, a song you like (or think is hilarious), a movie, or someone you know can be the perfect little push you need to get writing.

You could start by paraphrasing the quote, putting it into your own words, or by explaining what you think the quote means. You could also start by responding to it directly, without thinking, and free-write for a bit. (Make sure you cite your source (if you can) and give whoever said it “first” a little nod.)

Do you have a favorite website for finding quotes? Share it with us!

How did you incorporate the quote into your post for today? Any advice for future quote-integration?

9 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 27

  1. when in doubt (about anything), quote Dr. Seuss; (perhaps surprisingly) his philosophy meshes well with chronicnessnnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/smile-youre-a-chronic-hawmc-27

  2. HOPE: nhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/2028394:BlogPost:172114nnYikes. I wrote and posted this on my WEGO blog, and also on reasonably well, but forgot to link to it here. Oops.

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