HAWMC Day 26

Spirit Animal Day. A spirit animal (or power animal) is a figure used to represent one’s inner qualities embodied by an animal. Tracing back to ancient spirituality, you can think of it as a patron saint or guardian angel-animal. A spirit or power animal “guides, helps or protects individuals, lineages and nations. In the shamanic worldview, everything is alive, bearing an inherent virtue, power and wisdom. Power animal(s) represent a person’s connection to all life, their qualities of character, and their power.”

Give your health or condition a spirit animal. Write today about it as though it is that animal. What qualities of the animal do you or your condition possess that are positive? How is this animal a metaphor for your experiences? What qualities of the animal would you love to tap into when needed?

What animal did you choose?


12 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 26

  1. Spongey Spirits:nnhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/2011/04/spongey-spirits.html

  2. phylor and the platypusnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/the-duckbilled-platypus-and-me

  3. i had quest done before and i learned that we all have multiple guardians for different aspects in life, but my- i ishould probably say, main guardian is an elephant…

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