HAWMC Day 25

Red Pen Day. As bloggers, we work to keep our content as relevant and “new” as possible. But sometimes we can benefit from repurposing content we’ve created in the past by giving it a little TLC and perhaps a new coat of paint. You worked hard to create all your blog posts – why not borrow from yourself and reduce, reuse, recycle? It’s not a crime – in fact, it’s one way to combat Dreaded Blogger Burnout.

For today’s HAWMC post – start by finding an old post of yours from months (or years) ago. Revise it as radically as you can (use Track Changes in Word or red font in your blog). Compare your old and new versions.

Sometimes one of the most heartening thing we can do as writers is to see how far we’ve come with regards to our writing. It can be difficult to notice, but every day our voices and our blogs mature and get better. Looking back at an old post could be slightly embarrassing (I wrote that?!) but it can be a great indicator of how far you’ve come. By doing today’s exercise you can see that – though hitting “publish” on our blogs can feel like a big leap into permanence – our writing can be a living, breathing, and evolving thing. Like your own body, you are also in control of your body of work no matter when you create it. Be proud of that and reaffirm your ownership from time to time.

In the post you chose to revise – what changes did you make? What clarifications did you need? Publish the new version.

Ambitious Activist Challenge Add-on: Post both versions (the before and after) in your submission.

What did you notice in rereading your old post?

8 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 25

  1. Take Two: My Tongue Is Blue:nnhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/2011/04/take-two-my-tongue-is-blue.html

  2. MelissaBL says:

    I couldn’t get one in today. Everyone in the family is sick with a stomach virus. Apologies to the HAWMC challenge!

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