HAWMC Day 20

Your writing room. Our environment greatly affects how we feel and, often, how productive we are. Where do you normally write? Are you in an office among other busy bees, at home in your living room, or in a crowded coffee shop? Everyone is slightly different when it comes to being comfortable and able to focus in a space. Sometimes writing, in particular, takes a unique sort of physical and mental preparation than other types of work or leisure do. So let’s meditate on our spaces today and see how everyone works. Where have you been writing your HAWMC posts? Where do you normally settle when you sit down to work on your health advocacy? Do you switch it up or keep it consistent?

Look around today and take in your surroundings – is your setting peaceful or is it chaotic? Try to find a way to describe where you are using sensory images. Find something that is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. Is there something in your space that you would like to change? Imagine yourself making the space even better – what would you add or subtract? What do you like most about the space you are in?

Where are you? What’s it like there?

11 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 20

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