HAWMC Day 15

Today is the official halfway mark of the Health Activist Writer’s Challenge! Personally, I love every post you’ve written – they have been so unique, hilarious, and inspiring. So, if you’re still with us – give yourself a half-sized portion of applause! And if you’ve cherry-picked a few of your favorite prompts and written about those – that’s great too! The more the merrier – and we hope that these prompts will be evergreen and you can come back to them any time you might need something quirky for your community 😉

We have 15 more prompts ahead and hold onto your blog-hats – they get a bit stranger and a bit more in-depth (spiritual, you could even say). So stay tuned! Continue linking your posts here every day and interacting with each other in the comments section and on Twitter (love to see and pronounce our crazy #HAWMC hashtag!) it’s been a lot of fun to see everyone connect.

Two sentence story. It’s easy to get carried away in the Word-Count Department. When you write something you feel passionate about, it’s easy to keep typing all your thoughts, not noticing how verbose you’ve gotten until you click “publish.” If you’re like I am, you like to write but could benefit from being more concise. The phrase “short and sweet” comes to mind as a goal. Twitter has been an excellent push in the right direction, forcing us to keep our brilliance to a mere 140 characters. But Twitter is a different ballgame than blogs. When you Tweet or Facebook, you’re making a quick burst of communication or sharing a link to some other piece of content you love. You can do this in your blog, too, but there is a whole different element in focus there. The story!

When we blog, we enter into the world of narrative – the world of plots, settings, climaxes, characters, and conclusions. The kingdom of Beginning, Middle, and End. Today’s prompt is to do this very thing – but cut it down. Simplify! Do the whole beginning, middle, end in just two sentences.

Sounds easy at first – but this is actually one of our more advanced HAWMC prompts because it pushes you to really consider the whole message and gives you very little space to move around. If you need a topic – try writing a story you’ve already told before on your blog but this time shrink it down.

If you’re having trouble – use semicolons where you’d normally put a period and keep that sentence going!

What story did you tell?

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  1. I’m lucky it’s true:nhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/2011/04/im-so-lucky-that-this-is-true.html

  2. The hardest assignment yet; I tend to run-on like my sentences. #HAWMC #15 is my dance with chronic pain — a two step waltznhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/hawmc-15-the-chronici-pain-2

  3. a sad but true breaking news story:nhttp://themsmuse.blogspot.com/2011/04/challenge-day-15-breaking-news.html

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