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HAWMC Day 13

Open a book to any page. Today is a meditation on naming blog posts. Pick up a book, magazine, newspaper – anything with written prose in it – and choose a phrase or sentence at random. That’s the title of your blog post for today.

So often we get hung up on titling our posts. Are you someone who blogs first and titles it later? Or are you someone who knows what your title is the minute you come up with a topic? Today’s exercise will help you step back from the titling responsibility (or stress, as the case may be) and allow you to write, trying to tie your post to this random word, phrase, or line. Whatever you found in the book is your blog post diving-board – use it to stand up on, then dive in from. Take 15-20 minutes (or less) and write.

After you’ve finished your HAWMC blog for today – reflect a bit on the idea of titling. What’s your usual strategy with titling posts? Do you enjoy writing titles or are they difficult for you? What’s the best title you think you’ve ever written? And tips for coming up with exciting titles?

And today how does it feel when the title is taken care of ahead of time – did it guide your post or make writing a challenge?



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