HAWMC Day 12

Ekphrasis (writing about another art form). An ekphrasis gives life to a piece of art through storytelling. An example of an ekphrasis is when an artist paints a picture of a sculpture or a poet writes about a painting or even, I’d argue, when a songwriter sings about a movie. The person making the ekphrasis creates an entirely new story and goes “behind the scenes” to describe an aspect that the original art might be missing. An ekphrasis in writing can be completely made-up fiction or it can explain the visual details of the original art piece. Today’s prompt is to create an artistic blog post inspired by someone else’s visual art.

Just find a picture or photograph online (Flickr Creative Commons is a great resource) that inspires you in some way and free write about it. It may inspire you positively or negatively. Give yourself exactly 15 minutes to write without stopping. And though you may want to – don’t think! Just let the words, thoughts, inspiration move directly from your mind to your typing fingers. By writing without thinking, you may uncover something new in your writing. We spend so much time making sure every word is exactly where we want it, saying exactly what we want to say. Take a break from that today and see what happens!

Ambitious Activist Challenge Add-on: Publish the free write to your blog without editing.

What piece of “art” did you write about? Were you surprised at what you wrote when you weren’t consciously trying to write?

16 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 12

  1. An Ocean Ekphrasis:nhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/2011/04/ocean-ekphrasis.html

  2. Well, here it is! The only editing I did was correct my typing dyslexia within words; I didn’t change any words around.nNot sure what it says about me, health activism, and ekphrasis but here is my writing in the raw: http://phylor.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/ekphrasis-15-minutes-and-counting/nAnd, inspired by the picture, I still say: May you find all the gates in your life open when needed, and shut when necessary.

  3. Day 12. Sunflowers.nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/wego-challenge-day-12n

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