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HAWMC Day 11

Wikipedia revision. Whether you’re a fan of Wikipedia, going on endless search-after-searches through tabbed browsing (like I do) or skeptical of its ability to be edited and updated without sources cited – today we’re all Wikipedia writers. Pretend you’re rewriting or adding onto your condition’s page – what sentence or paragraph should be included (in your opinion) on your the page (or the “Health” page)? Wikipedia is often the first source that people see when they look up conditions. Keeping it honest is important. Does your condition’s page have a lot of resources linked in the footnotes or not? Is there an accompanying picture on its page or not? How would you like to see this hugely clicked-on page improved?

Has Wikipedia forgotten about your condition? Write a few facts and “submit.”

If you see something on the current Wikipedia page that you’d like to change – go for it. Take out a sentence you find particularly vague or stigmatizing or just plain untrue in your experience. If you want to add a picture to the page to capture an aspect of the condition that’s being missed – you can do that in your post today as well. Have fun with the prompt!

How did you fancy-up your Wikipedia page?



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