Health Activist Choice. Today’s blog post can be about anything you like. Free write! Whether you want to take inspiration from one of your community members or HAWMCers or just recap your April so far – anything and everything is fair game today. Length, topic, style – all up to you!

If you would like an idea for your post today, I would suggest joining in #StopSelfHate’s April Self Love Letter Challenge. Body Image and Voice In Recovery Activist Kendra explains her idea:

I think it is time we stop listening to the negative voices in our heads, and replace them with self love, respect and kindness. We deserve our own love and affection. So if you want to support Stop Self Hate, and fight for the right for your own self love and respect, please consider writing a love letter to yourself. It doesn’t have to be about body image, it can be about your achievements, accomplishments, reflections on your journey, or even some affirmations to help you fight for your own self love. Even if you don’t share with others, I think this assignment could help shift your perspective and help you gain a more positive outlook towards YOU. I want people to believe they matter, and to know their own worth. Whether you want to write it down on paper and scan it, or do a collage, take a picture, write a poem, or a letter, be creative! Try to search for what this Stop Self Hate movement means for you. What do you want to work on in your life and your journey?

Such a great idea, right? I think even taking a minute to consider how great you are (and how valuable you are to your community) should be a part of your day whether you choose to write a letter to yourself or not. And if you decide to write a letter to yourself today – please share a link to your post in Kendra’s blog post (as well as in the comments here). If your letter is personal – that is wonderful too – maybe just share a brief excerpt (a sentence or two?) and keep the rest for you. I think this is a powerful initiative and one that is important for everyone in all online communities and beyond to consider. Read more about StopSelfHate and connect with Kendra @StopSelfHate and @VoiceInRecovery.

What did you choose to do with your free write today?

25 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 9

  1. You can read my post for today, A Hitch In My Giddyup, here:nnhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/

  2. I kinda rambled, realized I missed a whole day (and thought I’d caught up — losing days is a new habit of mine)nhttp://phylor.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/carte-blanc-hawmc-writers-choice/ will take you to my musing on various aspects of chronicness.

  3. MelissaBL says:

    I wrote about “routine.”nhttp://sweetlyvoiced.blogspot.com/2011/04/sweet-monotony.html

  4. A little bit of a downer…nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/wego-challenge-day-9

  5. This is sort of like Viewer’s Choice. Well, besides being a day late, my choice is to whine about accepting this challenge. I promise it will be the last time this month…nI already mentioned I was writing these because I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. Well, I’ve basically busted it! And I’m not sure I’m doing a good job of it, but I come back every day (or so) and do it again. So, do I keep on writing because I accepted a challenge, and in our family we don’t quit anything…..nWhich leads nicely to my secret post……n nThanks for listening.

  6. VoiceinRecovery says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my challenge and for all of those who wrote a love letter to themselves!!! Truly appreciate the voices of all of you.

  7. Fixed blog admin, and can post again! Time to do some catching up.nHere is my Day 9 post.nn”Rewards and the Shrinking Waistline” — http://bit.ly/hEHp7y

  8. wow am I ever falling behind … I wonder why? #procrastination #dostraction #adultADHD nnhttp://writeofway.ca/taooftaylor/?p=1139

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