Write a poem where every line is a health question. Today’s prompt is to write a 5-10 poem where every line is a question. The questions could be ones you have, ones you’ve heard, or ones that are rhetorical. You can make it a Found Poem and use questions you’ve been asked before. Or you can make up new ones.

This prompt was inspired by a list of poetry exercises by a favorite poet of mine, Daisy Fried. (Here are a few of her poems if you’re interested. I recommend “Shooting Kinesha.” But beware – these aren’t the poems we read in high school English!)

I chose this as one of our HAWMC prompts because so many Health Activists answer questions as part of their daily interaction with their community. And because this prompt coincides well with a discussion I started over in our community “5 Reasons Patients Don’t Ask Their Doctor Questions.” What is it about asking questions online that makes people feel so comfortable but makes patients shy when face-to-face with their doctors?

Have fun with today’s prompt – don’t been too calculated in your poem-creation. Poetry isn’t always about rhyming, meter, or word choice – sometimes it is about pacing. The way you phrase and order your questions could mimic the racing, frantic feeling we have when asking questions about our health.

How did you feel writing today’s post?

16 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 8

  1. What’s That? can be found here:nhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/nnHappy Friday, everyone!

    1. Bravo! *clap clap* I like your rhyming. Oooo – I sense a Dr. Seus like post here.

  2. Health Question Poem — ‘You REALLY still have that headache?’nhttp://joanna-herlifeinanutshell.blogspot.com/2011/04/health-question-poem-hawmc-day-8.html

  3. Not in the most poetic of moods (thought I was only one day behind, but I’ve still got to leave myself a voice mail comment. Think I might cheat, and use a previous post. But, anyway, here are my 2 poe ems:nhttp://phylor.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/a-poe-em-a-la-4-on-the-floor/

  4. Here is Day 8nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/wego-challenge-day-8nn

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