Leave your health a text or voicemail. Time to check in with your health! You call, ready to talk, but it turns out that your health isn’t exactly responsive and is probably screening your call. No matter – leave your health a voicemail. What does your health’s voicemail message sound like? And what are you going to tell your health today?

If you’d rather keep it short and sweet – send it a text. Feel free to utilize hilarious text-speak and whatever you do – keep it under the 160 characters that SMS allows! If you do decide to send your health a text, your message can double as a tweet so be sure to send that out too (and tag #HAWMC).

Ambitious Activist Challenge Add-On: Find a way to record the voicemail or take a picture of the text on your phone and submit that as your post for today.

What did you tell your health? Did it return your call or text back?



18 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 7

  1. Since I am somewhat technology challenged, I left my health a voice mail. nhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/

  2. Don’t know how I fell behind. Here is Day 7:nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/wego-challenge-day-7

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