I write about [my] health because….

Internet and social-media-skeptics always ask me the judgmental “why.” “But why would I blog?” “Why would I have a Twitter?” But what they are really asking is – ‘what’s the point of all of it?’ Well, friends, is there one? Why do we do what we do?

Back when you started your patient advocacy, connecting with others online – what was your motivation then? What’s your motivation today? Has your inspiration stayed the same? Maybe you’re someone who always kept journals so moving to blogging was an easy, natural transition. Maybe you started because you advocate for a family member and this was the only way to reach out to find others who could relate to your unique situation. Maybe you started as catharsis, writing to stop yourself from keeping it all inside.

No matter what your reason was – take a few minutes today to think about why you write and reflect a bit. Today’s prompt is not meant to question our motives so much as to reaffirm our missions. We’re all here – why not celebrate that and remind ourselves that what we’re doing is important? The “patient blogger” is gaining powerful notoriety and really changing the way people think about (and manage) their healthcare – that’s huge.

Today’s topic can be daunting – if you need a kick-start, type out the phrase “I write because…” and go from there. If you want to write several sentences that start with this phrase, go for it. Let your mind and typing-fingers go and see where you end up. It may be a diatribe, a letter, a meditation, or a plea – but as long as it affirms the awesome work you’re doing in your community, it’s a success.

Why do you write?

(If you’re not usually a health blogger but trying it out for HAWMC, welcome! Today you can write about what you admire in health bloggers and how it feels to blog every day with us :))

21 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 6

  1. I write about my condition….nn…..because I can. Read on here:nhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/

  2. u201cI write about my health becauseu2026u201d nhttp://writeofway.ca/taooftaylor/?p=1108

  3. Here is my Day 6 entry, why I write about my health.nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/wego-challenge-day-6

  4. I write,therefore i am [a health activist writer] . . . i thinknhttp://phylor.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/i-write-there-for-i-am-a-heath-activist-writer/

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