Finish This Tweet April

It’s time for another Finish This Tweet moment, and this time, we’re breaking out of our mold a bit.  Instead of the standard “we start the sentence, you finish it,” set-up, we’re asking a question this time.  (Contain your excitement.  I know.)  Since we’re talking on Twitter, why not talk about Twitter?  Here’s the Finish This Tweet prompt for April:

“How do you use Twitter for your health?”

Are you talking about the daily dos and don’ts of your disease?  Are you sharing intimate health details, or more of a global view of your health?  How are you using Twitter to benefit your health? We can’t wait to hear what the community has to say about this one!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and please be sure to either leave a link to your Tweet in the comments section here, or @wegohealth us so we can see your response!

3 thoughts on “Finish This Tweet April

  1. I use twitter to learn, support, broadcast and network my health interests!

  2. I use twitter to tweet about “new and exciting” treatments that are just down the road or starting into clinical trials. Also for any major Hep C events like World Hep Day or going to Washington DC to talk to your legislators and just to write or email you legislators – action alerts!

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