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Ludicrous headline or cure. What’s the most absurd thing you’ve heard about your condition? Whether it’s a cure you’re clearly supposed to try or a headline you’ve come across – the internet is rampant with examples of misinformation and quackery. Patient advocates work hard to correct misconceptions by sharing their stories and reducing stigma through their own experiences – but let’s indulge The Ridiculous today. Does your condition have a spokesperson that, you know, cured themselves of their chronic condition (see here)? Or maybe you’ve been told to try some regimen that would make you chronic condition go away by a helpful friend or neighbor (or, worse, a helpful stranger). Let’s share them and have a quick laugh before we get return to our regularly scheduled advocacy.

If you don’t already have a favorite “cure” in mind (I bet some of you have great stories) – feel free to do a quick search on your condition and choose a ridiculous headline or proposed cure our vast internet has to offer us. Or, as your creativity continues to lead you in HAWMC – make up your own!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of “cures” and incorrect information – do you have a go-to plan-of-attack for dealing with these in your community or blog?


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