HAWMC Day 1!

As we announced yesterday – April is Health Activist Writer’s Month and this is our very first prompt of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge! We hope that you’ll join us in posting every day for the month of April (30 days, 30 posts) and really flex your creative writing muscle. If you signed up with us – you’ve already gotten a sneak peak at all of the prompts we’ve planned. We hope you’ll still come here to the blog because every morning we’re going to post the prompt and elaborate upon it with why we picked it, examples of what you can do with it, some fun facts, and/or links to check out. Fun!

A quick housekeeping note: We are giving each participant an official Get Out Of Blog Free card that you can use on any day you like. This will exempt you from that day’s post or prompt. Choose carefully! If you have the option to schedule posts ahead in your blog – go for it! Sometimes, as you know, when you’re really in the writing groove – you want to capitalize on it and keep going. Go for it! If you find that you’re in a really creative mood and want to go ahead to another post, head over to our sign in page and check out the posts ahead of time. (PS: If you email editorial@wegohealth we will send you the PDF to print out.)

One last important note – each day’s HAWMC prompt post here on the WEGO Health Blog is considered a mini discussion forum. If you’re participating in HAWMC we hope you’ll drop by and do any or all of the following:

  • Share a link to your post of the day
  • Tell us your thoughts on the prompt (Was it fun? Tough? How you make it your own?)
  • Interact with other HAWMCers! Check out each others’ posts and enjoy.

Update: This just in! Anyone who signs up for HAWMC and completes all 30 posts (you can use the Get Out of Blog Free Card) will be entered to win one $50 Amazon Gift Card and will be featured in an Interview here on the WEGO Health Blog. Bloggers who blog all month (and submit your posts here on the blog) will be entered into a drawing! At the end of HAWMC  we will choose one winner and announce it here. If you haven’t yet – sign up here!

Now without further ado…


Write a health acrostic! Use your condition’s name or the word HEALTH to make the acrostic or initialism. Just write your condition or HEALTH vertically then make up a line for each one of the letters. (If your condition is a really long word – you’re in for a challenge! You can also choose any word that relates to your condition if you’d prefer.) It can be simple with one word for each letter – like the ones we learned in elementary school to remember things (this is an initialism). Or, each letter can be its own sentence like Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Elizabeth” (see here) which is more like an acrostic poem.

Here’s one I just made using HEALTH:







Fun, no? Try a few. (Of course yours will be far more wonderful than my example.) Good luck – and remember to post your acrostic (or a link to your blog) in the comments section so we can share!


47 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 1!

  1. Mine is up!

    1. Nice! Hee hee

  2. HAWMC http://www.migraineandheadacheblog.com/nnHow are you feeling todaynEver had a day without pain?nAlways feeling head pain must make you feel bluenLiving with pain is not what it seemsnHelpless no more, I’m striving for more. nnOk, there is my first blog for the month. I’ve blogged HERE so you can all take a look if’d like.n

  3. Hi! Looking forward to this challenge. I wrote mine using the word depression. It is a description of how my depression felt before I began depression treatment.nnhttp://www.sugarfilledemotions.com/2011/04/d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n/

  4. Here is mine!nnhttp://www.our-journey-through-life.com/2011/04/hawmc-day-1.html

  5. First off, I want to thank Amanda for giving me yet another literary term to investigate since I had no IDEA what an acrostic was. Duh.nHere’s my post:nhttp://reasonablywell-julia.blogspot.com/

    1. Yeah, I had to look it up too!

    2. Wow. I JUST NOTICED THAT I MIS-SPELLED HEALTH. nnYou guys are far too kind……..

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  7. Today I’m attacking the Migraine Beastie with an informational acrostic about this painful condition http://bit.ly/eh3R7O I hope you “LIKE” it 🙂

  8. Tracy Ripley says:

    Here is is…nnhttp://www.onesuperheroandoneprincess.com/2011/04/hawmc-and-acrostic-poem-by-yours-truly.html

    1. Tracy Ripley says:

      Darn typo…that should say “here IT is…”

  9. Shannon G. says:

    I’m new to this and starting late, but here it is! nhttp://filledwithsweetness.blogspot.com/2011/04/type-1-diabetesthe-acrostic-poem.htmlnThanks for the great idea!

  10. I’m a bit late to the party and not sure I’ll complete the challenge, but figured it’s always fun to join in for at least a little while. :-)nnhttp://sickmomma.blogspot.com/2011/04/mystery.html

  11. Here is my poem about vertigo, a condition I have thanks to chronic labrynthitis:nnhttp://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blog/list?user=00qt3uahzyrrs

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