Cancer Community Survey – Share your thoughts!

In our ongoing mission to empower Health Activists, WEGO Health is excited to announce a new upcoming educational program – “Cancer & Your Bones.”

In preparation for our upcoming educational program and on-demand webinar, made possible by one of WEGO Health’s sponsors, we’re asking that active members of the online cancer community and cancer Health Activists take a moment to participate in our online cancer community survey.

Share your thoughts and opinions in our brief community survey by clicking on the link below:

Using your feedback, and that of your community members, we hope to develop an educational program that directly addresses the gaps that you have identified and will serve as a useful resource for you and your communities.  By completing and sharing our community survey, you will receive an exclusive invitation to take part in our upcoming educational webinar program!

After you have completed the survey, we hope you will share it with other members of your online community.

We hope you’ll take a moment to share your thoughts and expertise by taking our survey!

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