Best tweets from Finish This Tweet

Like we did last month, let’s round up some of the best submissions to our February Finish This Tweet! This month we asked you to add your own ending to this sentence…

“A health activist is_____”

We hoped you would have fun with your responses – and we were pleasantly surprised by just how creative you all were with your responses!

Here are some really great ones:

Thanks to everyone who tweeted! If you’re curious what mine was (hint: it’s longer than 140 characters – click here) or what WEGO Health’s full definition is, check out this blog post about our new Health Activist White Paper!

Like we said in our “What is a Health Activist?” post – health activism will always be transforming and improving as Health Activists take their roles to the next level. The definition is not static and certainly should encompass all of the many facets of advocacy! What do you think a Health Activist is? Tweet it (be sure to @wegohealth) or leave a comment here.

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