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What is a Health Activist? White Paper

We use the term “Health Activist” often – to promote, commend, qualify, and truly set these patient experts apart from the pack of run-of-the-mill online health searchers. The internet is a big place and there are so many voices but we truly believe the Health Activist voices are the ones to listen most closely to. These are, as we sometimes say, the folks who have “been there, survived that” and now they’re earning their keep. Health Activists are serving daily as shiny, resounding megaphones for those who share their health condition and are absolutely tenacious in their awareness-raising missions! In this month’s Finish this Tweet we asked you to finish the sentence “A Health Activist is____” to get your thoughts and see how creative you could be with the very title we’ve build our community around supporting.

Now it’s our turn to tell you what we think. We may not be the be-all-end-all authority on defining the Health Activist movement (every day, through your work, the meaning gets stronger and more influential!) but we are on your team. We will always believe in the true power of the Health Activist and do what we can to bring you together and have your leader-voices heard. It’s my own personal mission as Editor (in the meta way I do) to write about your writing and promote your work. I fancy myself a Lorax (but decidedly less-colorful) and “I speak for the Health Activists!” One of my goals for 2011 is to be a better, louder voice for all of you. My first real plunge into acting on this was during the Pharma twitter chat Wednesday night when I made sure to let everyone know how many great things you will definitely do once you’re given the tools from Pharma and the FDA. So I hope you will join me in spreading the word about Health Activism! Tell your fellow advocate friends that they are in the Health Activist club and that, together, you can continue to make a huge difference!  –Amanda

Check out our Be a Health Activist one-pager here:

Be a Health Activist one-pager

Here is the PDF



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  • Bj

    My thinking is that a health activist is one who will be there for one as support, whether it be because they have no family or family that can’t be there for various reasons and not to mention help the one who’s in need of help understand more should they not be able to understand the jargon of the medical language due to knowledge of or stress, I’ve been on and seen both sides of the fence and there’ve been times I want to scream at my profession: the medical field. Some tend to forget that people seeking help are there for help and not wanting to get high and feed their habit. And then there’s the waiting because some tend to feel because they have a runny nose that a full blown migraine’s just not important. And that’s not necessarily the patient. Small town doctors feel that there’s no such thing as migraine and that it’s just a headache. Being educated and knowing things certainly helps. I’m willing to help because as I’ve said I’ve seen both sides of the fence.

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  • C3 Gossett

    Dear Lorax, I’m on that personal physician to patient to health activist train and aim to reciprocate the support the health activist community gave me. I’m doing it through my blog: http://www.rollinwithouttacolon.com, which is about. Living with an Ostomy & Chronic Illness through Friends, Biking, Music, Writing, Photography, & Ideas~Please stop by and look around if you get the chance. 

    May you long be plagued with good health,

  • Edndon45

    It is good way to find people information. Thanks.

  • Dr. Michael Berry

    A health activist is one who serves the people without any selfish needs. The profession of a doctor is a similar one but with the passage of time they have become more attached to materialistic needs. Serving the people without anything is return is the true service.

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  • Jill Sadowsky (Netsad)

    A health activist is someone who does whatever he/she can to make the lives of others more bearable. A health activist gives talks, writes regular blogs, steps in to start new projects when he/she feels that there is the need to do so, and in general, has a positive attitude and tries to see the half full glass rather than the half empty one.

    Jill Sadowsky

  • WeggieGirl

    A health activist is someone who uses the bigger picture of helping others to help themselves. I know, it sounds selfish, instead of the altruistic image we all have in our heads, but from my experience, I have found that it does both. Here’s what I’ve done this year while on pred and chemo and all the other crap that people with autoimmune disease have to swallow to stay alive, but it has helped me. It’s also helped my community get closer and work together towards a bigger goal (one that could change the face of our society when we’re successful – notice I said “when” instead of “if”). It’s a win win all around, and success only comes when you come up with a win-win scenario. I think I’ve stumbled on one of those.  So here are some links for you to enjoy!

    Photos on Photobucket from our entire town playing along:


    Breakfast Television – City TV


    Evening Show at Jasper Activity Centre

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yhAkA7TVk8 (Grade Ones singing “What I Am” by will.i.am)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TptJv-8RWaQ (John and son Will breakdancing for PJ Day)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCoPSQ8HGdA (Grade 8-9 Girls Dance Program and Grade Ones mosh pit in front of stage)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9zonGEMAtQ (some dancing, some fashion show action, and some more dancing – all in PJ’s to raise awareness for autoimmune disease)

    http://youtu.be/pvAO4ALBi0A (why we are doing this and the thank yous for our town for supporting)

    and here is the crazy blog radio interview I did before the PJ Day event to get the word out in the United States.

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  • Interesting read.I must agree with the comment from WeggieGirl on this regarding the see the bigger picture to selfhelp.We should have a wider perspective on this and allow us to think smarter.http://buyrealhcgdrops.com

  • werena

    being a health activist can be done in many ways. i have started a online self help site recently and it is my way to share my experiences to help others. http://www.openmindedlifepath.com contact me please if you are interested in a custom guest post by me. I am unable to find your contact details 😉

  • Ashley L. ♀PC♋SGʊRL♀

    A Health Activist will meet the demand for information on health conditions , which is almost immeasurable and requires individuals actively ready to be a voice for all. As more people become aware of the myriad of conditions affecting health such as the one I advocate for #PCOS and through online sources, the need for reliable information, advocates and resources will only be compounded, which makes the services and information that health activists, organizations, blogs and groups proee vital to the overall care of the Patient and professionals treating them.

    By effectively promoting and implementing health research, initiatives and education, conditions will be more recognizable among various medical disciplines. This will allow for earlier detection and better patient care of the patient affected.

  • Aaron Leigh Horton

    The PDF isn’t accessible! 🙁 Can you repost?

  • Hi Aaron! This post was from 4 years ago so I can check and see if we have it stored somewhere. Thanks for letting us know! – Danielle Schroth, WEGO Health

    • Michelle

      It’s on your sidebar no matter what year it is though. At the top even 😉

  • health activist should be just to make People aware of varied Health causes that may happen to one human . It is necessary for an health activist to give good information so as it may assist well for the People.

  • Marta

    Here’s my efforts, and my amazing little town of amazing folks: http://findthecommonthread.com/


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