“Hey, I like that!” New “Like” Feature Comes to the WEGO Health Community!

Think back to elementary school when you: completed an assignment, used your very best cursive, finished a whole book in a month, or completed a classroom chore. You earned an awesome star sticker! (Like this one here.) Wasn’t that a great feeling? The sticker said – “Someone thinks I did a great job!” – and what could be better than that? Well, a brand new feature has come to the WEGO Health Community where you can give virtual “gold” stars to content that you like!

Here’s the scoop:

We’ve just implemented a new feature here on WEGO Health: Like buttons! (They look like this…)
You’ll find these new buttons at the bottom of blog posts, photos, and videos across the community site. Read something you really enjoyed? Just click that star button to let everyone know!

Your favorite posts will be added to the new “My Likes” page that you can access from your profile page – so why not start adding to it today! (Here is what my My Likes page looks like if you want a better idea.)

In addition to this new way of liking things on WEGO Health, there’s also a way to Like posts you come across in the community on your Facebook. Just click the new Facebook Like button (pictured above) at the bottom of the page and write up a quick comment to share with your Facebook friends! Note: This feature can be used by anyone who visits WEGO Health – not just members.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what content you “like” (and also, actually, like) and the new awesome morale that these not-so-gold but-still-awesome stars will bring to our community!

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