Finish This Tweet: February

Finish the Tweet:  February
Tweet! Tweet!

Inspired by the always-awesome Ms. Alicia Staley, the WEGO Health editorial team has another Tweet for you to finish.  This month, we want you to finish this Tweet:

A health activist is …

How would you finish this Tweet?  Or do you need more than 140 characters, and you want to slide it over as a Facebook status?  Or maybe this Tweet prompts a blog post that rallies your community?  Either way, see what these four words jump start in your Health Activist mind.

Be sure to @wegohealth in your reply on Twitter, or post a link to your status here in the comments section so we can include you in our month-end wrap up!!

10 thoughts on “Finish This Tweet: February

  1. A health activist is: a tenacious patient expert sharing his/her story to inspire others to live better and have happy beginnings, middles, and endings to their own stories.

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