Morning Community Content Round-Up

Grab your morning coffee (or tea, if you’re like me this week) – we’ve got a lot to catch up on! There’s been lots of great activity happening in the community lately – so much that it can be tough to stay up-to-date. Don’t worry – here’s your chance to read some great Health Activist content. I’ve hand-selected some great posts for you to read while starting your morning. These are the posts that will get you thinking and wake up your mind for a productive day!

photo source: chichacha on flickr
  • Read Spread the Word: It’s American Heart Month! where Emily collected a few quick facts and ways you can get your community involved in this month’s Heart awareness efforts.
  • Ever wish you could take your advocacy efforts straight to the capitol? See how Lung Cancer advocate Jennifer did just that  in Congress: Make Lung cancer a Priority! Storming the Hill Part 1
  • You probably recognize Amy from all the awesome work she does around the web raising awareness and being a generally awesome Health Activist – but have you heard her Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Story? Her post might inspire you to write your own.
  • Men Health Activists – are they obscure or just in hiding? Check out Jordan’s Why There’s So Few of Us and all the insightful comments – this topic’s an important one that we should keep going.
  • You’re hip, you’re with-it – so you probably already know that self-tracking is the cool healthy early-adapters’ new favorite thing to do. I’m a little behind the game – but here’s my write-up on the new Do-It-Yourself health-tracking trend – love your thoughts!
  • Appreciate a good joke? Like to make light of bad situations to help you and your community cope? Check out this post from Janeen: Using Humor To Blog Through The Pain.

See something that you loved? Read a line that sparked some inspiration for a future post? Tell the bloggers above – they’d love to hear it! Enjoy the rest of your day. There will be another Community Round-Up later today with some quick discussions for you to check out…

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