Afternoon Community Content Round-Up

Enjoying a snack break? Winding down after a long day of writing, reading, and arithmetic (do you do math during your day?)? Well, here are some quick discussions posts from around the community that you should check out. They’re quick, thought-provoking, and would look great with a side of your two-cents!

  • Glance over this List of Fabulous Alzheimer’s #FollowFridays and bulk up your Twitter follows. Better yet – why not reach out and say hello to a few of these awesome Alzheimer’s Health Activists?
  • If you blog – you know that blog stats are a technical, yet important way to track how you’re doing and how your community is responding to your work. How exactly do you keep track your blog stats? Answer in this discussion.
  • Watch US Senator (and kidney cancer survivor) Roy Blunt speak about the importance of kidney cancer awareness at a recent event commemorating what would have been the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan.
  • Love health technology or just know a few great people who do? Share some links in this discussion of the best Health Technology resources.
  • Remember our #My1Thing project? Well it’s still going on! Why not send out a tweet with one thing about your condition that you wish others knew? Or you can swing by the discussion that sparked the project by sharing one thing you’d like to tell young girls about women’s health that you wish you knew when you were younger.

Thanks for reading – I look forward to your comments around the community!

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