First Friday: February Post Prompts

Welcome to the First Friday of February!  It’s time to get your bloggy brains churning out the inspiring and influential content that Health Activists are known best for.  We here at the WEGO Health team have just the prompts to inspire you. This month we’ve chosen some prompts that align with our Chronic Conditions and Relationships theme!

Check out these content prompts for February and see what ones resonate for YOU:

    1. In your own online health communities, are you talking about the emotional impact of disease /condition management?
    2. Do you discuss your personal relationships with your readers and community members?  Do your readers share theirs with you?

    3. Do you think that your feelings about your own health impact how you share these emotions with others?

    4. How do you manage your own personal health and the “health” of your relationship?  Is it a tough balance?

    5. What’s the one thing about your health condition that you wish your loved ones better understood?

Just as we said last month, be sure to check back every “First Friday” for five more prompts for you to consider, and customize. Bring these ideas back to your communities and start a discussion, blog, or even set up that webcam and vlog about it. If one of the prompts sparks  something awesome – check back in and leave a link – we’d love to see which direction you took it and send WEGO Health blog readers your way!


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