If you were to share one thing about your condition – what would it be?

Inspired by Amy’s awesome Women’s Health discussion “One Thing” – we have a challenge for you to bring back to your communities and to your Twitter feeds.

Amy asked: “If you could share one thing, one morsel of women’s health wisdom, with the young women of our world what would it be?” The question inspired some pretty powerful responses and sparked an idea with a few of our Health Activists. What if everyone did this for their own health condition?

By starting with just one thing – you open the door to discussion. Often we write long posts delving into a whole list of “things” that we want to share about the condition, awareness, our goals, our thoughts, our pasts. It can be a lot to digest both to write and to read.

Take a step back. Meditate on this question. Like the mantra “aum” (or “om“) – start with one thing, pause, and really sit with it  and let it resonate for a minute.

Then go to Twitter (or Facebook) and type your one thing and add the hashtag #My1Thing and another hashtag that your health community uses to tweet about your condition. (Ex: #cancer or #womenshealth)

How did writing just one thing feel? Was it difficult? Was it a good exercise? Do you want to tweet another thing ? (Go for it! Tweet as many “1 thing(s)” as you want.)

The idea is to say one thing about your specific condition – but, because we will all be using the same hashtag, everyone’s contributions will collect across conditions. I think it will be a good way to bridge gaps between communities and raise awareness. Be sure to encourage your twitter friends to get involved and tweet their “one thing.” Even if you’re not yet a Health Activist but have been touched by a health condition – this is something you can participate in.

In a few weeks we’ll check back on this and see what people have tweeted. I encourage you to check out Janeen’s discussion for another take on the #My1Thing for the Food Allergy community.

photo credit: wacky_tom on flickr

3 thoughts on “#My1Thing

  1. God bless all who live with Mito Disease. My little girl suffers from a rare formand lives life on a ventilator.

  2. My little girl’s muscles are so weak she lives permanently connected to a ventilator to help her breathe. This is because mitochondrial disease is ruining her life. God bless all who suffer from this awful disease.

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