January HABC: 3 Fortune Cookies

Like last year, we will have a monthly Health Activist Blog Carnival where members of our community can submit their entries on a theme-specific topic. Going with our January theme month is New Year, New You: Setting Health Activism Goals, our HABC topic is: 3 Fortune Cookies.”

There are a few things that make a fortune cookie so great. First: it’s a bonus for after a delicious meal (who doesn’t like free bonuses?). Second: the awesome crunch sound as you break them open and pull out the tiny slip of paper containing the surprise and mystery: “what will it say?” you wonder. Third: Reading the fortune and mentally applying it to your life. Fourth: Eating that cookie (or, if you’re not a fan – giving the cookie to a friend).

Let’s replicate that process in our Blog Carnival! Pretend you’re writing the slips of paper to yourself or your health community – what do you think (or hope) the future holds? You can use a favorite quote if you’d prefer – and explain how that quote can act as your fortune. If you’re a fan of Dove chocolates and would prefer to write a command (Do this in 2011, self! Always remember this, community!) that’s also an option. And, if you are like I am and enjoy the facts on the inside of Snapple caps – you can use a fact to guide your 3 fortunes. Then, once you’re done – you should treat yourself to a cookie (proverbially or in real life).

>Once you’ve written your 3 fortunes for 2011 – share a link in the comments section of this discussion in the Community’s Health Bloggers Group. We will check back in here at the end of the month and share some of the most creative or inspiring fortunes.

So welcome again to the new year, our new WEGOblog, and your “new you.” Together we’re going to get all set up for a great year – we’ll organize, plan, scheme, and more. If you have your party hat left over from the weekend – now would be a great time to put it back on.

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  1. “Community Cookies” is my post about the three ‘fortune cookie slips’ I would write for my community. Based on a few of my favorite quotes, the outline a very basic approach to activism on all levels (personal or public). Hope you like them!

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