Health Activists Who Could: Make It Your Mission (Statement)

With the dawning of a new year comes the resolutions, and, in the WEGO Health community, we’re hearing a lot about Health Activist Mission Statements. Alicia Staley (star of Awesome Cancer Survivor and Tweeting as @stales) wrote a terrific post about creating a Health Activist Mission Statement.
Her Mission Statement is a testament to her power as an advocate and to her reach as an inspirational survivor:

“As a Health Activist, I will work tirelessly to motivate, educate, and inspire others in the cancer communities to achieve their best health. By sharing my personal experiences with others facing a cancer diagnosis, I will do my best to improve their treatment and survivorship experiences. I will reach out to all cancer community partners including health care providers, pharma companies, and medical institutions to ensure everyone experiencing a life touched by cancer will always have the best resources and support available to them. Cancer can’t beat a Community!”

This month, we’re focusing on setting Health Activist goals, and helping set the stage for our success and impact as advocates in 2011. Take a look at Alicia’s post and think about creating your own Mission Statement. If you decide to make a statement, please leave a link to your post in the comments section so we can check it out and spotlight YOU!
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