New Year, New You: Setting Health Activism Goals

Welcome to 2011, it’s going to be the best year of Health Activism yet! (And that’s a pretty bold statement considering how amazing 2010 was.) I hope you will consider this very blog post your introduction to the new and improved WEGOblog. Please make yourself at home, take off your coat, stay awhile – we have an exciting array of posts to offer you this year. There will be a variety of: in-house entertainment, take-aways, activities, information, media, and more. We catch up on new trends and create some of our own. There will be both familiar faces and new ones. New friendships will be formed and new ideas will be generated.

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The first offering made by our WEGOblog (we will share it, you and I) is that each month will have its own theme! You can think of it like a month-long theme party but without the time-intensive legwork involved in preparing the perfect costume (and sadly, without the delicious refreshments). Come as you are – the theme is guaranteed to be both fun and relevant to your Health Activism journey – no matter if you’re brand new to the game or a seasoned veteran. There will be lots to think about and the theme itself is something you can feel free to take back to your own communities as a way to engage your readers, members, and friends each and every month!

In honor of January and its implicit opportunity for new beginnings (whether theoretical or actual), our very first theme-month is aptly named “New Year, New You: Setting Health Activism Goals.” We will celebrate what is best about you and your community (don’t take the phrase “new you” too literally – we like you just as you are) and make it even better. We will plan together, brainstorm, analyze, dream (it’s January – sky’s the limit on our 2011s!), and spend some time mapping our impending years in Health Activism. Hopefully the holidays have you refreshed and open-minded for the brand new year – it’s going to be awesome.

So be sure to look to this WEGOblog for all things Health Activism and check back often – we’ll be updating good and often!

Right now – why not share your resolutions in the comments? If you’ve written about 2011 or what you’ve got planned in your blog or community – let us know we’d love to read it and help share it!


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