WEGO Health Benefit: Voice to Industry

As some of you already know, one of WEGO Health’s most popular offline activities for Health Activists is what we call the “Voice to Industry” – opportunities for you to tell health companies about being a Health Activist and share how you think companies can provide real value to your community (vs. hard selling!). Through this, Health Activists get the chance to tell it like it is in an interactive conversation-style discussion with both industry leaders and other Health Activists.

Here at WEGO Health, we think this type of activity is extremely rewarding for everyone involved and we’re thrilled to say that we’re not the only ones who think so! Check out these great Health Activist posts about their recent “Voice to Industry” opportunities:
Special thanks to Megan, Allison, and Casey for joining us for those recent Health Activist panels and for their kind words!
Our “Voice to Industry” programs are just one of the ways WEGO Health works to bring the voice of Health Activists to the forefront of health conversation. We’re always working on new ways to get your thoughts heard! So stay-tuned and continue to join in the conversation in our online community and share your favorite resources, ideas, and information!
We hope you’ll take a moment to join us: www.wegohealth.com/register.
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