Applauding: Friends with MS, 1000 Members and Growing!

We want to congratulate Health Activist Terry, community manager of Friends with MS, for helping his community reach 1000 members! And in only a little over a year!

Friends with MS is an awesome Ning health network that serves as an online interactive support group for people with MS, those not yet diagnosed, and those who love them. 1000 members is a huge milestone and a wonderful accomplishment!
So, congrats Terry! Keep up the great work!

It’s successes like these that get us at WEGO Health really excited! Amanda expresses our love affair with your work perfectly…

“As health leaders, bloggers, Twitterers, and health community creators, you have a special inside view to what’s going on with both your particular health community and across the health condition you support and raise awareness for. That’s huge! And it’s something not a lot of people have. So don’t hide your light under a bushel…

We’d love if you’d share your successes with us! Feel free to write a blog post, start a discussion in a group, or post a video. You can also
tweet us a link to the work you’re doing.

We want to celebrate your Health Activist accomplishments with you! Bring your milestones, your hopes, your goals, and even your struggles to WEGO Health and share them with other Health Activists – it’s a great way for us all to share ideas and offer advice if you’re trying something new.”

Find other success stories on the June 2010 blog carnival – “Your Best Health Activist Moment.”

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