It’s All About Leverage: Opportunities to Create

At our recent Health Activist Meetup, media guru Carissa O’Brien led an exciting breakout session focused on creating engaging content by utilizing multimedia and video. Carissa’s group of enthusiastic Health Activists began by sharing stories about their use of multimedia, or lack thereof, and we quickly discovered that even with little time, little money or little experience, we could create awesome interactive content!

Opportunities to capture content happen all the time – in the work place, at meetups, in the grocery store – everywhere! Keeping your eyes open for chances to create content seems easy enough, but being quick on the draw and taking a moment to actually snap a photo or record someone’s thoughts can be a bit trickier.

Use these 3 key takeaways to get started and you’ll find creating multimedia content to be fun and easy!

1. Be aware of opportunities to create content
  • Take advantage of all opportunities
  • Keep in mind that multimedia can include many types of content

2. Utilize content created by others

  • Content does not need to be created by you
  • Different voices offer more perspective
3. Create, don’t wait!
  • Don’t allow inspiration to pass you by
  • Take advantage of moments of inspiration

Want more? Carissa also shares her thoughts on the breakout session at Dash of Madness. And you can find more helpful tips and notes from our session in this post! Have any tips or tricks to add? Share them with us!!

Want to get involved now? Check out our Health Activist Vlog Carnival! It’s a great way to try your hand at video, share your Health Activist story, and be entered to win cool prizes! We hope you’ll try your hand at creating multimedia content soon – and when you do, please post a link in the comments!!

Happy creating!!

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